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Toufic Nehme has been active both nationally and internationally as a litigation law firm; it is a trusted body with recognized objectivity. Some of the different areas of practices which it operates in are explained

Professional Approach

We endeavour to give our clients our full support throughout the time it takes to resolve complex situations and law suits, backing them all the way through every stage of litigation no matter the time span involved. Indeed, we offer a very high level of quality and professionalism in all the sectors and procedures we cover. This is the bedrock of our substantive body of work. We adhere to all requirements in accordance to the ISO standards and use state-of-the-art technology ensuring proper structuring of clear and comprehensive information, transparency and the efficient flow of information between us lawyers and our clients.                                                                     

We’re expert into

Litigation 95%
Criminal law 90%
Criminal defence 78%

About Us